Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Extreme Punishment with Ass

Watching tv while my girlfriend Alexis is on the computer next to me, I'm having a good day. All of the sudden Alexis jumps up and immediately I notice her ass like I always do, it's big but so nicely shaped, and she tells me "turn off the tv!" I told her I didn't want to so she said alright then you can suffer the consequences. She walked off to the bedroom while I continued to watch tv when all the sudden she emerges wearing stiletto heels and tight black spandex that made her ass look even more awesome.
She makes her way over towards me and stand right in front of me and tell me to turn the tv off again. This time I listened and after I turned to tv off she turned around so her ass was facing me and told me to start kissing her ass. I listened and while I did she said explained to me this is only the start of my punishment. She orders me to strip and then onto my knees behind her. She bends over and yells "sniff my ass!" I immediately bury my face in her ass and begin smelling her ass. She grabs the back of my head and pulls my head into her ass even more, it smells kind of dirty but immediately make my dick hard. After she determines I've had a good enough smell of her ass she orders me to kneel with my back against the wall. I crawl to the wall and assume the kneeling position. She slowly walks over to me and turns and stands with her ass so close to my face I can smell it again.
She then begins to grind her ass in my face while telling me I'm an ass worshiping bitch. She ground her ass in my face for a few minutes and asked me a couple times how all that ass on my face felt. It felt awesome, I was in heaven. She suddenly stopped in a bent over position in front of me and said I have a present for you, would you like it? I said yes mam and she then buried my face in her ass and let out a big fart and ordered me to smell it, it smelt bad but so great. She asked me how it smelled and I told her it was great. She said yea, I figured you would like that you fartsniffer.
Then I was ordered to lay down on my back and she immediately sat on my face with her ass right in my face. This lasted for a short while before she decided she was ready to take her pants off and really get into my punishment. She took off her spandex pants and then pulled my face into her ass and ordered me to smell her ass again and asked me how it smelled with no pants on. It still smelt great and she called me an ass worshiping bitch again. She said stop and made her way to the couch where she knelt on the couch and bent over the back of it sticking her ass out as far as possible. I knew what was about to happen and my dick was about to explode. Lick my asshole bitch she yelled and I did as I was told. I buried my face in her ass licking and tongue fucking her asshole. She asked me how it tasted and I told her it was great too and it wasn't a lie. After a while I decided to suck her ass with my tongue in it and she really liked that.
After a few minutes she asked me if I really wanted to taste her ass to which I immediately said yes mam. She reached back and stuck her middle finger right up her ass hole and fingered herself a little with it. She pulled it out and made me smell it and it smelt like shit and then she told to suck on it. Just as her finger was about to go into my mouth I noticed it did have some shit on it but oh well I had to obey my mistress. It tasted like shit but turned me on so much.
She knew it had shit on it too and commented by saying I bet that tasted good. Right after she finished saying that she grabbed my head and farted right in my face again and said to smell it and I did. She then told me that the part of my punishment was going to be the worst. She blind folded me and led me outside to my back deck and laid me down. She told me to open my mouth wide. I did as I was told but pulled my blindfold up to see her ass hovering over my face and her about to shit in my mouth. She layed a big shit in my mouth which I was ordered to eat and then I would be done being punished. She told me to clean myself up and that she had fun and left me to myself.